Rivolta Carmignani

Leopoldo Rivolta founded Rivolta Carmignani in 1867 with the aim of offering the quality and style of Italian bed, bath and table linens to the best hotels and restaurants in the world.

The fifth generation of the Rivolta family is still carrying on the work of the founder by continually renewing styles, textures and patterns while always remaining loyal to the founder’s motto: ‘In our work we trust’. 

The perseverance and reliability of our company, combined with a unique know-how due to its longevity and variety of international experiences, have created a brilliant business in more than 63 countries. Thanks to an exclusive mix of luxury and tradition, innovation and perfectionism, superior raw materials and a superior workforce, together with an incomparable expertise and aesthetic approach, the unrivalled reputation of Italian manufacturing is synonymous with Rivolta Carmignani.